Foot Care Products

Here are some of the tried and trusted foot care products that really work


If you jog, bike or take part in any sort of active lifestyle, your feet will thank you for using Gehwol, a concentrated range of foot care products made from natural ingredients.

Gehwol Fusskraft Mint

Gehwol Fusskraft MintRapid absorbing mint fresh cooling foot balm. Fusskraft Mint makes your feet fresh and fit, before or after an active day. It combines the revitalising icy freshness of a cooling mint lotion composed of an Asian medicinal plant oil with the gentle caring effect of a balm that is immediately absorbed.

Gehwol Fusskraft Blue

Gehwol Fusskraft BlueFor burning, tired feet – naturally fresh. Fusskraft Blue contains well-tried antiseptics for the prevention of athlete’s foot and itching between the toes. Perspiration is normalised and the decomposition of sweat is prevented.

Gehwol Fusskraft Med Salve

Gehwol Fusskraft Med SalveA caring ointment for the treatment of heavily callused, brittle, dry and rough skin. Gehwol Med Salve for cracked skin is based on a well-tried mixture of special soaps and selected skin-friendly oils.

Gehwol Fusskraft Hydrolipid Lotion

Gehwol Fusskraft Hydrolipid LotionFusskraft Hydrolipid Lotion is an easily spreadable lotion for daily care of dry skin on the feet and legs. It is quickly absorbed and restores the balance of lipids and moisture.

Absolute Essential

Absolute Essential offers the best of the world’s most effective therapeutic essential oils, in their optimum pure natural form. Better yet all ingredients are fair-trade sourced from small, organic farms and sustainable wild harvests.

Absolute Essential Tea Tree

Absolute Essential Tea TreeTea Tree supports natural healing in minor cuts, scrapes, rashes and bites with its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It also contains antifungal elements. Blends well with: Rosemary Cineol, Manuka, Lavender True and Lemon.

Scholl Eulactol

Scholl is synonymous with feet and foot care products in over 70 countries throughout the world. Today it’s using the latest podiatric medicine and research to revolutionise the way we think of, and care for, our feet.

Eulactol Heel Balm

Eulactol Heel BalmAustralasia’s number one heel balm is specially formulated to moisturise and soften dry cracked heels after two weeks. This balm also helps prevent blisters and friction when ‘breaking in’ new shoes.

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