Read what patients have to say about Ponsonby Podiatry

Aggie Afitu

I have used Ponsonby Podiatry for four years and have always received exemplary and professional service from Fiona (regular foot treatment to orthotics). My feet have never looked or felt better, which allows me to keep training. Thanks Fiona!!

Theresa Walsh

I highly recommend the service of Ponsonby Podiatry. Having suffered from heel pain for a number of months a combination of stretching and orthotics has sorted the problem out. Fiona is friendly and very professional and she makes you feel comfortable when you discuss feet issues! Her location is convenient with plenty of parking and her hours suit me well.

Penny Wilkings

After many years looking for a solution to chronic ingrown toenails, Fiona at provided me with treatment, education and advice that solved the problem. The nail surgery I had put off wasn’t as painful as I had expected! Fiona was always available and happy to answer any questions, and visits to see her in her lovely rooms were always a pleasure.

Gerry Marychurch

I had two very stubborn verrucaes that my GP failed to treat successfully using dry ice. I must have gone more than a dozen times over two years and it hurt like hell. At my first appointment. Fiona immediately emphasised the need for regular, fortnightly treatment, and suggested an alternative chemical approach that has worked. She’s great to talk to and has an excellent technique that minimises discomfort. I wish I had gone to her earlier.

Marion Quale

As a newly diagnosed diabetic my GP recommended that I see a podiatrist straight away. Fiona gave my feet a thorough examination and lots of advice for keeping my feet healthy in the future. I now see Fiona on a regular basis for basic nail care and I feel relieved that my feet are in safe hands.

Mairi Stewart

I saw Fiona after a broken leg left me with a sore/stiff ankle. New, supportive running shoes and orthotics along with a stretching program helped me recover quickly and with minimal discomfort. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on Fiona for any other foot related issues.

Love your feet and they will love you!

  • Remember to wash between your toes and dry thoroughly
  • …Then moisturise your feet when you’re done
  • Trim toenails straight across but not too short
  • Wear the right shoes for your sport
  • Exercise for 30 minutes every day to improve circulation to your feet
  • Don’t leave nail polish on for weeks – nail polish encourages bacteria
  • Wear jandals when you step inside a swimming pool or changing room